1. Precious Child

From the recording Soul Story Lullabies

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Written by the great Jeremy Lubbock.



Go to sleep, Sleepy head

Sleep with angels there beside your bed

Making sure you're safe and sound

Waiting till another day comes round

Go to sleep, Precious child
Let your dreams of all you love run wild
Butterflies on the wing
Early morning when the song birds sing

As I watch you lying there
I can feel the depth of love we're sharing
And when you wake I'll still be here
Waiting just to see your smile appear

Golden sunshine warm you by day
and at night time may all the stars
come down and light you on your way

May your days be filled with joy
And the love of those who love to spoil you
May your life be blessed with all that's best
All that keeps your heart and soul at rest

Come now, sleep now
And heavens above
May you see all that's beautiful
In love and life that makes you
My precious child that I will always love